Imagine them texting after a long time.

Months ago they were solving their problems but it didnt work out so they decided to take a break from each other. Justin tried his best to keep calm, he went out every night and did some graffiti with the crew and sometimes he went to clubs, he tried new things, new friends, everything… but as much as he did media always pointed out something bad related to him even tho it wasn’t true. Selena, in the other hand, kept doing the same things with no new friends, she was giving her best in every show and keeping a low profile in the industry but this “new” phase was getting a lot of attention. 

Justin saw how good she was doing and he did want to congratulate her but he thought it could ruin everything for her. Selena saw how bad Justin was doing or at least how bad the media was making him look, so she texted him again… both of them were missing their texts, their voices, how funny it was to talk with Justin and how cute was to hear Selena’s voice. A lot of texts and calls after they started video chatting again, funny how that bring so many memories to them and how powerful watching their faces could be. 

Week after week they were talking as they used to do.

"I just got home" Selena texted.

"Good to hear, how the performance was? Sorry I couldn’t watch it because well there is not a good wifi signal here" Justin replied.

"It was so amazing honestly. How are you doing overseas?"

"Keeps getting better everyday… tour is almost over tho :(" he said

"Same with mine, I will miss it :(" she answered.

"Can we like… i dont know go somewhere after they finish?"

"We can :) I will wait for you at home" Selena said. 

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